Investment Portfolio System (IPS)

By using IPS, shareholders can obtain their latest asset details via the net.

The Request Form for the Issuance of an Internet Username/Password for IPS


  • Individuals can obtain their signature verification document from one official notary public office and send it along with a copy of their ID cards via the post after filling out this form. If the form is completed by the shareholder’s delegate, along with the aforementioned documents, a copy of the delegate’s ID card is necessary as well.

  • A username and password will be created in two working days after receiving the complete documents from the shareholder’s side and the approval of CSDI.

  • It is mandatory that the individuals change their newly-created passwords immediately after their first log-in.

1. Shareholder’s Information

  • Active and Accurate Shareholding Account
  • National Number
  • Name
  • Last Name
  • Birth Certificate Number
  • Issuance Place of Birth Certificate
  • Father’s Name
  • Birth Day (Day/Month/Year)
  • Nationality
  • Postal Code
  • The First Letter of First Name
  • The Second Letter of Last Name
  • Email Address

2. Professional Information (Please fill out this part based on the professional information of the main shareholder)

  1. Job
  2. Company Name
  3. Position
  4. Working Experience
  5. Workplace Address
  6. Workplace Phone Number
  7. Fax
  8. Postal Code
  9. Home Address
  10. Home Phone Number
  11. City Code
  12. Cellular Number

3. Delegate’s Information

If the form is being filled out by the delegate of the shareholder, it is required that the delegate’s information be presented as below:

  1. Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Father’s Name
  4. Birth Certificate Number
  5. Issuance Place of Birth Certificate
  6. Gender: Male…..Female
  7. Serial Number of Birth Certificate
  8. Birth Day (Day/Month/Year)
  9. Nationality
  10. National Number
  11. Postal Code
  12. Academic Degree
  13. Field of Study
  14. Issuance Place of Academic Degree
  15. Delegate’s Relationship
  16. Lawyer
  17. Guardian
  18. Custodian
  19. Successor

Herein I verify:

  1. I have already stuck to all the rules and regulations in terms of money laundry.
  2. I will not give the permission of the basic receiving services to the third party and if a third party uses these services; I will let CSDI know as soon as possible. If I do not inform CSDI, I will be responsible for all the following repercussions.


The signature accuracy of Mr. /Ms………………….. with the above mentioned information is verified by this notary public office.



Stamp and Signature of Notary Public Office

How to use IPS


Referring to CSDI website, shareholders can utilize IPS one working day after giving in their request. Accordingly, shareholders need to log in by the use of the printed username and password they receive when they refer to the office in person.

Observing latest asset status

Shareholders can get updated about the status of assets, tradable assets and the data related to their supervising brokers by referring to this section. For shareholders’ convenience, searching based on symbol is possible. Furthermore, it is possible to sort by clicking on each portfolio table. Printing and creating an "Excel" file of shareholders’ portfolios is also possible.

Retrieving Passwords through E-mail

If you forget your password, you can get your password retrieved by entering your username and E-mail you announced at registration time. In this case, an E-mail will be sent to your E-mail address, and by following its directions, your new password will be created.

Changing the Password

For security reasons, we recommend shareholders, after registration and receiving user accounts, in the first entry change their passwords. For changing the password you should click on your name at the top of the page.